B E R L I N   S T R E E T   S T Y L E

Good news!

Das Buch "DER BERLINER STIL" ist in diesem Jahr auf Englisch erschienen:

Abrams Verlag, New York.
April 2014.

Auftrag: Vorlagen/Musterseiten für das Grundlayout & über 20 Illustrationen.

. . .

Our book "Der Berliner Stil" has been published by "Abrams" in New York!

If you happen to come across a book shop today,
watch out for the American issue of "BERLIN STREET STYLE".
Abrams publishers, New York. April 2014.

Job description:
Style sheets for the layout & more than 20 illustrations on fashion, food and living.

"With charming illustrations...":
"W" magazine USA wrote a lovely review on "Berlin Street Style". Thanks!

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